Monday, June 15, 2015

Day #53-54 (Home 2 days) The Atlantic Coast Journey “Wrap Up”


South Carolina 
North Carolina 
Washington DC
New Jersey
New York
New Hampshire 

Video of T.V. coverage in Bar Harbor:
Total Mileage:  2582 miles
Days on the road:  51 with 8 recovery days
Total Climbing:  est. 80,000 feet
Total Number of States: 14 including D.C.
Number of flats:  1 (Piece of glass; still have Pam’s dollar bill under front tire and super glue on top!)
Gearing phenomena:  Put my bike into first gear in front chain ring on June 5thand wasn't moved again!
Best Meal:  “The Wharf” in Alexandria, VA Old Town
Best Coffee:  “The Daily Grind” East Windsor, CT
Best Ice Cream: “Frozen Caboose” Highland, NY
Best Lobster Roll:  “The Maine Diner” Wells, ME
Worst weather: Tropical Storm Ana in Surf City, NC 
Best weather:  Sunshine in Bar Harbor, ME
Great Quote: “….I would always have the memories….just a little longer to take in the views, breathe the air, ride my bike, and be absolutely and completely free.”  (Taken from an article in Adventure Cyclist, Dec2014/Jan2015)
“How to Deal with Re-Entry” (Provided at Bar Harbor Banquet by Mary Blake)
1)     When you get home, don’t take your bike to the bedroom.
2)     Refrain from putting a plastic chair in your driveway, expecting dinner to be served.
3)     Don’t go to the neighbor’s house and ask if you can “just throw a few things in the laundry.”
4)     When doing errands around town and “mother nature” calls, green rooms are not the way to go; public restrooms are available.
5)     If a white Subaru comes along while you are riding, don’t tap your helmet expecting it to stop and offer you water or snacks [or a bike pump]!
6)     No list is required before doing laundry.  You can be first.
7)     Don’t obsess with the ground in dirt on your ankles – skin cells replace themselves about every month.
8)     If you find yourself having a difficult time going through re-entry alone – know that we can always call one another to ease the way. We will understand.

Thanks again to my wonderful friends and colleagues for all their support, and my incredible family for making this trip a reality!


Friday, June 12, 2015

Day #52 Bar Harbor, ME to Bangor, ME to Madison, WI to Soldiers Grove, WI

Home Again!!
L to R:  Katie and Luna 

Best of Day: Bud brought flowers to airport!
Worst of Day: Saying good-bye again to wonderful new and old friends.
Quote of Day: “What happened to your feet?!”  (TSA staff at OO Bangor Airport)  
“O You are our heroes!”  (TSA staff when we explained our strange tanlines from biking sandals!)

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Day #51 Bucksport, ME to Bar Harbor, ME 46.7 miles

The K-Team Dipping Tires at the Bar Harbor Pier
L to R:  Kathy Q, Katie, Kirby, Cathy M, Katricia and Canada

Best of Day: Finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dipping of tires at Bar Harbor Pier; Lobster roll for lunch; Taking bikes to bike shop for shipping; Ice cream break; Banquet tonight! 
Worst of Day: Saying good-bye to wonderful new and old friends.
Quote of Day: There were many quotes today!  One of the more memorable was “The breakfast Emily made for us this morning was like the finale at a fireworks display!!” which was a reference to homemade cinnamon buns and quiche!  (Unidentified member of the K-team!)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Day #50 Rockport, ME to Bucksport, ME 42.8 miles

West Penobscot Bay in Camden, ME
L to R:  Katie, Kathy Q and Kirby 

Best of Day: Took advantage of short mileage and sunshine; Ate our way to Bucksport with 3 different stops for food (lunch, bakery and ice cream); Went to the top of the Penobscot Narrows Bridge Observatory; Map meeting included plans to meet at pier in Bar Harbor to dip wheels and take a group picture!
Worst of Day: 3000 ft. more of climbing.
Quote of Day: “You gals are having too much fun to ever get back on those bikes out there!”  (Gentleman sitting next to our table at lunch.)

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Day #49 Freeport, ME to Rockport, ME 68.8 miles

And we rode 68 miles today looking like this?!
L to R:  Kathy Q, Kirby and Katie

Best of Day: Wide shoulders on many roads today; Crossing inlets; Lobster boats; Lobster roll for lunch.  
Worst of Day: Cold, foggy, misty rain; Hills (4855 ft. of climbing)
Quote of Day: “The hardpart of stopping is starting” (K-Team consensus)

Monday, June 8, 2015

Day #48 Freeport, ME 0 miles (Recovery Day)

L.L. Bean Headquarters is Freeport, Maine!
L to R:  Kirby, Katie and Kathy Q.
Best of Day: Weather is holding off – rained for awhile then stopped!
High tea at our Inn at 3:30 in the afternoon!  This is a town of “outlets” of all sorts.  Great restaurants near our Inn; Lobster roll for lunch. 

Happy Birthday Lisa!

Worst of Day: Never long enough!
Quote of Day:  “It’s been quite the day with all these bikes in town!”  (Bike Technician at L.L. Bean Bike, Boat & Ski Store)

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Day #47 Kennebunk, ME to Freeport, ME 63.76 miles

Walking the last half of this hill (15-16% grade)!
(Picture taken by friends of other cyclists on our tour, passing us in their car!)
Best of Day: One more spectacular day of great weather; The route took us inland to get around Portland; Lobster rolls for lunch! 
Worst of Day: Road surface and hills kept us alert the last 20 miles (3582 ft of climbing)!
Quote of Day:  “Not even Pavarotti could help me up this hill!”